2. magictransistor:

    Gustave Doré , Elijah’s Ascension into Heaven by a Chariot of Fire, 1865.

  3. magictransistor:

    Thomas Macklin's Bible; Ascent of Elijah (Engraving), c.1800.

  4. satyrica:

    BOUGUEREAU, Elizabeth Gardner American painter (b. 1837, d. 1922)

    The Shepherd David


    Oil on canvas

    Private collection

    (via antiqueart)

  5. antiqueart:

    Giovanni Battista Crespi - St. Gregory Delivers the Soul of a Monk (1617)

    (via antiqueart)

  6. magictransistor:

    Daniel de la Feuille. Devises et Emblemes Anciennes et Modernes. 1691.

  7. ihavenohonor:

    Jagannatha Swami nayana pata gami bhavatu me!

    "O Jagannatha, Lord of the Universe, please be visible before my eyes."

  8. ihavenohonor:

    Lord Jagannatha!

    In this Egyptian Murti He clearly has African facial features which identify Him as Amun-Ra Apademak, the Supreme Lord of KUSH / MEROE and the Lands South of Egypt. The ‘Crown’ determinative on top of His Head is a typical Compound Crown of HERU-AUSU-ATUM that combines the symbols of the specific religio-political alliance that worships this particular Form of the Lord, HERU-AUSU-ATUM. This Crown combines a large Uraeus with two levels of AMUN-KHNUM Ram Horns that are both separated and connected by eight smaller Uraeus Cobras. Ananta Sesha Naga holds up the Worlds. These are surmounted by a final single Uraeus Cobra, Who holds the Discus Chakra Hieroglyph for HERU / HARI and His Supreme Abode. Thus the entire Murti represents the Cosmology and Supra-Cosmological Metaphysics of HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON / HARI-VASU-ATMAN. Below is the Material Universe VIRATA-RUPA or COSMIC FORM of PURUSHA, above Him the Vaikuntha Planets of the Spiritual Sky, and on top is Sri Hari and His Supreme Abode, all Manifest and ‘supported’ by Ananta Sesha Naga, the Seraphic Serpent of Infinity. Behind Him is usually His hawk’s or eagle’s GARUDA tail, and He is usually trampling serpents and crocodiles and other envious and poisonous dangerous beasts and denizens of the ‘lower planets’ beneath His feet. He is the Lion-Headed wrathful TIME MAN KALAH PURUSHA that Arjuna sees, Who devours the Worlds at the end of each material universe. In late Indian Vaishnava Kalah Purusha Icons, the Cosmic Purusha is often depicted exactly in the Egyptian way, with the HIERarchical 3 Worlds of the Kalah Purusha shown as a lowest material Cosmos of Solar-Lunar and Siderial Time (Sun, Moon and Stars), the Vaikuntha Spiritual Sky above His Time-Man Kalah-Purusha Form, and the Original Supreme Abode of HARI / HERU, Goloka Vrindavan, as the ‘Highest Heaven’ above the Vaikuntha Spiritual Sky. This GOLOKA ( or Gokula) Highest Heaven is the BUKOLIC GOKURAKU Highest Heaven PARADESHA / PARADISE of the Pure Land Buddhist and Judeo-cCatholic Christian Traditions. All of these spiritual and material worlds are manifest and sustained by Lord Baladeva, Who is the Second Self Alter-Form and the Seraphic Garuda-Ananta ‘Winged-Serpent’ Vahana and Asana etc. of HARI / HERU. Together the Afro-Egyptian HERU-AUSU, HARI-VASU Krishna and Baladeva, are the ELI-YAHU of the Semites and the HORUS / KOUROS HELI-OS of the Greeks. In this context, one must think of the Holy Name of VASU-DEVA, the Biblical Supreme Deity Bal-YAHU, and the Afro-Egyptian Supreme Deity AUSU /WASU THEOS, as the Seed or mula mantra Name of Lord Balarama as the DEITY VASU / VISHNU of the Catur-VYUHA. Thus this Holy Name is not as ‘just’ a patronymic of Krishna and Balarama as the Earthly lila sons of Vyasadeva or Vasudeva. The 4 primary Nama-Rupa Name-Forms of Lord Baladeva’s Expansions as the Catur Vyuha are Vasu-Deva, San-Karshana, Pradumya and Aniruddha. These Catur (Quatros) 4 Vaikuntha Forms of the Lord are twice represented here, in this Egyptian Murti that I am describing, because of the symmetrical 3-divison schema of the ‘Crown’ with its identifying ‘determinatives’. The Manifestations of Lord Kalah / TIME are eternally the same, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Thus HE is the Knower of the Fields of the Three Realms. He often has three eyes, as the witness or ‘Seer’ of the Three Worlds. Thus He is Helios Tri-occulos, or Zeus-Jupiter-Amun Tri-opes. He is Tri-Lok-Atma, the Self (ATMAN / ATUM / ATEN / ADON / ATOMOS / AUTOS / ONTOS) ) of the Three Lokas / Locales / Locations, Worlds of the Past, Present and Future. The 3 divisions schema of the past, present and future in such sacred ‘cult images’ representing Eternity / AION / Kalah as Infinite ‘Time’ is usually carried-through in such ‘crowns’ that are symmetrical. Thus in this Murti, we see the CATUR VYUHA represented as 4 NAGAS on both the left and the right sides of the Vaikuntha level of the Supra-cosmic hierarchy of Godhead’s Domains / Dhamas. Khnum is the Egyptian Name of the Lord HARI / HERU derived from the root KARA or KRI as in both KRIMA / KARMA and.., Read more:
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    Emory Davis

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    Daniel Martin Diaz